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House Plants For Sale

Find the best indoor plants for any room in your home at plants.com. We carry a wide selection of popular indoor plants including snake plants, rubber plants, low light plants, jade plants and more. We make buying plants online easy!

Plants.com Favorite House Plants

The sheer number of plant species and varieties that do well indoors can easily be overwhelming. While we love them all, we do have a handful of favorites.

Our top 5 favorite indoor house plants

Beautiful and often easy to care for, these five house plants stand out.

Best house plants for a peaceful environment

Make your home, office, or other indoor spaces restful with a few of our favorites.

Easiest house plants to care for

For those with a challenged green thumb...

Our favorite flowering house plants

  • Stunning blooms that can transform a room in your home

Air purifying plants we love

Breathe a little easier with these air-purifying indoor plants

Best indoor house plants for direct sunlight

If you've got a sunny spot, these house plants thrive in it!

3 Low-Maintenance plants for the home

Easy to care for and enjoy!

Pet-friendly house plants

These indoor plants are safe to have around your pets.

House Plants FAQ

How do I care for houseplants?

Find out how much light your plant needs from the provided plant care information, or from our plant care guide. Use room temperature water when the top one inch of soil is dry. Not all plants have the same watering requirements, so check your provided plant care information. Avoid having your plants sit in standing water!

Which plant is best for the home?

The best plant for your home is dependent upon how much light the plant would receive and how frequently you wish to care for it. There is no "best" plant for all homes, however, popular choices include Money Tree Plant, Snake Plant, Monstera and Peace Lily.

What is the easiest indoor plant to care for?

The easiest plant to care for is the Snake Plant!

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