Earth Day Gifts & Plants

Earth Day is April 22nd, 2023! Looking for Earth Day Gift ideas for to honor the planet that gives so much to us? Bring a beautiful slice of nature right into your living space this year with our collection of plants for Earth Day! Find the best Earth Day trees such as bonsais, olive trees and money trees, perfect to bring some greenery indoors! Earth day plants are the perfect nature lover gifts ...Read More

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Earth Day Gift Ideas

Spend a day honoring the planet with our collection of Earth Day gifts. Bring all the loved ones in your life together to unite in a beautiful celebration of nature and our shared home. Popular plants & kits for the best Earth Day gift ideas include: 

Earth Day Trees

Popular trees to send for Earth Day this year that are sure to brighten up any room include:

Nature Lover Gifts

What better way to surprise the nature lovers in your life than with a gift this Earth Day? Send the plant moms and dads in your life a new addition to their collection or send your nature loving coworker a plant to brighten up their office or desk! Popular nature lover gifts include: