Fiddle Leaf Fig Floor Plant

Fiddle Leaf Fig Floor Plant

With its broad layered leaves, the fiddle leaf fig knows a thing or two about brightening a space. Great at purifying the air and managing humidity, they grow relatively fast and can reach heights of 10 feet, adding impact to your space. Available with your choice of planter.

Botanical Name: Ficus lyrata
Common Name: Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Origin: Western Africa

  • Fiddle leaf fig has a narrow stem with big, dark green, fiddle-shaped leaves
  • Large floor plant measures overall approximately 30-36"H x 10"D 
  • Medium tabletop plant measures overall approximately 16-18"H x 6"D
  • Arrives potted in your choice of planter:
    1. Exclusive Domain planter, an earthy design that includes a collapsible wooden stand providing a modern lift to display your plant flawlessly; available in Snowcap, Granite, Midnight and Rust; break-resistant and watertight; Stand can be displayed with two height options 
    2. Exclusive Artisan basket in hand woven banana leaf highlighting the coloration of the natural fibers; durable woven handles make it an easy tote for moving plants from place to place
    3. Exclusive Sandstone planter: a versatile, neutral container with ribbed border detail at rim and contoured base; break-resistant and watertight
  • Large floor plant measures overall approximately 30-36"H x 10"D potted at the time of purchase. 
Plant Care

Set it by a bright & sunny window for consistent light


Water thoroughly but only when soil is dry to the touch!


Warm, tropical vibes of 65-90°F

Pet Friendly

Not safe for furry friends or kids