Love and Romance

Looking to surprise someone special? Send a plant that shows your love! From sweet heart bamboo plants, classic rose plants, or hoya heart succulents, our beautiful plants are the perfect gift for a loved one or a friend.

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Valentine's Day Plants for Delivery

Send a romantic Valentine's Day plant like a heart-shaped bamboo, succulent garden, or rose plant to brighten up their space and their day! Valentines plants are the gift that keep on giving. Whether you choose to send a Valentine's Day plant to their office or their home, they are sure to love your thoughtful gift. Popular plants for Valentine's Day include our Sweet Succulent Heart Garden, Pink Rose Plant, Sweet Heart Bamboo, Money Tree Plant, and Hoya Heart Succulent. No matter which plant you send, your special someone will thank you!

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Valentine’s Day Succulents

Succulents are a popular plant to gift any time of year, but they are especially popular for Valentine’s Day! Succulents can come in a variety of containers, from a romantic heart-shaped garden to a classic pink pot. You can even find succulents in animal-shaped containers—so if your significant other is an animal lover, you can’t go wrong with Safari Animal Succulents! Lastly, our Hoya Heart Succulent is an extremely unique and fun succulent for Valentine’s Day because it’s like you’re giving them your heart! Send Valentine’s Day succulents for delivery from and you can’t go wrong.

What is a good plant for Valentine’s Day?

The best Valentine’s Day gift is always the one that is the most thoughtful, so that’s why we suggest you choose a Valentine’s Day plant from the heart! Does your significant other like to cook? Then why not give them a mini herb garden with plants they can use in their dishes! Does your significant other love plants but has a hard time keeping them alive? Try something low maintenance like a succulent or bamboo! Whatever Valentine’s Day plant you choose, your recipient is sure to love it and the meaning behind the gift.

What plants symbolize love?

Roses are so common on Valentine’s Day because they are the flower that symbolizes love. However, roses come from a plant! A rose plant is the most romantic gift because it not only symbolizes love, but it will continue to grow and bloom so that your recipient can enjoy their gift year-round. Every time they look at their Valentine’s Day rose plant, they’ll be reminded of how loved they are! Other plants that symbolize love include the String of Pearls (sometimes called String of Hearts), Hoya Kerrii (heart-shaped succulents!), and Anthurium (with red, heart-shaped spathes).

10 Best Valentine’s Day Plants

  1. Sweet Succulent Heart Garden
  2. Pink Rose Plant
  3. Sweet Heart Bamboo
  4. Money Tree Plant
  5. Hoya Heart Succulent
  6. Aglaonema Plant
  7. Pink Calla Blooming Plant
  8. Large Phalaenopsis Orchid
  9. Devil’s Ivy
  10. Azalea Plant