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Nurses Week Gifts & Plants

They say health is wealth, so this year give back to those special people who give you the most precious gift possible. Gift soothing, calming and aesthetically pleasing plants to show your appreciation this year from our collection of Nurses Day gifts.

Explore our diverse collection of Nurses Week gifts filled with diverse plants that will help to show your gratitude for these healthcare heroes. Plants are a universally enjoyed gift as they bring a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful aesthetic wherever they are placed. Indoor plants also have many health benefits. There's no better way to give back to the nurses who work in healthcare than by giving them a healthy plant! From low maintenance succulents for the busiest nurses to lucky money tree plants for the most stressed nurses, you're sure to find a plant gift they will love and appreciate at Plants.com.

10 Best Plant Gifts for Nurse Appreciation Week

  1. Money Tree Plant
  2. Snake Plant
  3. ZZ Plant
  4. Peace Lily Plant
  5. Succulent Garden
  6. Devil's Ivy
  7. Azalea Plant
  8. Dieffenbachia Plant
  9. Bonsai
  10. Calla Lily
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