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Back to School Plants

Welcome students & teachers back to school with plants from plants.com! Find the best plants to decorate your dorm, classroom or give as a welcome back gift.

Dorm Room Plants

Need plants for a dorm room? No worries. Here at Plants.com, we have a collection of dorm plants perfect for college students. Plants for dorm rooms liven up a student’s dorm and provide for a bright environment. With easy house plants for beginners, these plants will be able to thrive even with the busy schedule of a college student! Check out our collection of dorm room plants and find the ideal plant for a finishing touch on the perfect dorm room!

Plant Gifts for Teachers

Plant gifts for teachers are perfect for all kinds of teachers. Teachers are hard workers and they deserve the best gifts possible! Plants for teachers are gifts that will make their day and help to brighten up their classroom or home. Pick up a plant gift for a new teacher this year or one for and old favorite to thank them for all they’ve done this back to school season!

Perfect Back to School Plants:

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