The Benefits of Having Plants at Home
Plant Care

The Benefits of Having Plants at Home

Plants are living, breathing organisms. Each has its own temperament, personality, and look. They are beautifying, allow us to nurture something, and let us enjoy the all-too-wonderful results: lush foliage, bright flowers, fresh aromas, and sometimes even fruits. But, they offer even more, there are so many benefits of having plants at home. They clean our air and give rooms life and a sense of calm. Plants make indoor spaces better in every way possible.

Plants and Personality

Happy plant owners are well-matched to their plants. Each plant owner has a certain amount of time and each plant needs a certain amount of care. For instance, busy plant lovers that are stretched for time need stress-free, low-care, sun-loving succulents, like Echeveria, healing Aloe vera plant, and cute cactus. Succulents take so little and give so much. Homebodies with more time and a desire to create green enclaves for retreat should choose white-flowered Peace Lily, artful bonsai, or elegant hanging ferns, which need more water and attention. Colorful flowering plants, like orchids, or airy sun-loving plants, like silvery olive trees, are a good fit for outgoing plant lovers that like to entertain with decorative, plant-filled table tops. 

Dieffenbachia and Majesty Palm

Plants for Cleaner Air

Another benefit of having plants at home is that house plants are nature’s best air cleaners. Not only do they provide needed oxygen, but they can remove common indoor air toxins, such as cancer-causing formaldehyde. The best-known studies have been conducted by NASA, including theNASA Clean Air Study where ~30 plants were tested to measure their removal of six airborne toxins (benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, toluene, and ammonia).Chrysanthemum and Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum hybrid) were the two best air cleaners–cleaning nearly all of the toxins present. But, Aloe vera plant, English Ivy, Pothos, and Snake Plant also showed impressive air-cleaning power.

Plants for Flavor

Fresh indoor herbs are so much nicer than store-bought, and they are so easy. Line cool, sunny kitchen window sills with pots of Basil, Parsley, Oregano, Rosemary, and Thyme. Keep them lightly irrigated through winter, and snip fresh herbs as you need them. Feed them weekly with a diluted dose of all-purpose water soluble fertilizer. Their aromatic leaves also provide natural fragrance.


Plants for Stress Relief

Studies show that plant-filled spaces are calming, improve personal wellness, reduce stress, and even boost work productivity. Green leaves are pleasing to the senses. They are a pleasure to look at, provide natural aroma, and even generate calming sounds. Think of leaves falling on a windy fall day or palms and grasses softly rustling a windy seaside. Place a tall Majesty Palm next to a workspace or favorite reading spot. A window cross breeze is all you need to make your home feel like an oasis. The soothing effect will be immediate. Likewise, catching the fragrance of orchids, orange blossoms, or herbs as you enter a room is the best aromatherapy, and simply snapping off an aloe vera plant leaf to soothe a burn or scrape will make you glad you planted one.

Bring feng shui into your home with plants. It is believed that certain plants have an innate positive energy and help naturally strike a balance and bring harmony to your living or work space.

 plant-filled room

Plants for Functionality

House plants can be functional. Floor house plants make some of the prettiest, softest room dividers. Sequestering off a work area or private nook with a collection of tall floor plants, such as Fiddle Leaf Fig, Majesty Palm or Money Tree, gives instant privacy. Well-placed plants can also make small rooms appear bigger, deeper, and more inviting. A well-placed plant is also a great way to lift a plain piece of furniture or cover an ugly outlet…

Plants for Pet-Friendly Indoor Greening

Plants and pets can coexist beautifully. It’s just a matter of choosing plants that won’t harm your pets and your pets cannot harm. Our tall Majesty Palm, Money Tree, and Olive Tree are all bold, non-toxic options for the home. Just be sure to cover the soil with stones, shells, or pine cones if your cats or dogs get the urge to dig. Air plants and orchids are also perfectly pet friendly.

Dog and Money Tree Floor Plant

These are just a few ways the benefits of having plants at home. It’s a good start for any would-be house plant growers…