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The 6 Best Plants to Gift for Valentine’s Day

Looking to surprise someone special for Valentine’s or Galentines’s day? From sweetheart bamboo plants, classic rose plants, or Valentine’s Day succulents, our beautiful green Valentine’s plants are the perfect gift for a loved one or a friend. While fresh cut flowers, are a beautiful gift, the longevity of a houseplant is the gift that will last years alongside your loved one.

Three Reasons to Gift Houseplants for Valentine’s Day this Year

  1. Plant will last long beyond February 14th. Like your love for this special person, a plant will grow alongside them and remind them everyday about your thoughtfulness.
  2. There’s a plant for every type of person. Whether your loved one is always on the go and would benefit from a low maintenance plant, or they have a house full of pets and need plants suitable for their furry friends, there truly is a plant for every green thumb.
  3. Plant mail is exciting. There is something about the doorbell ringing with a delivery that’s magical, isn’t it?! The element of surprise while unboxing their new plant baby will make their Valentine’s Day extra memorable.

The 6 Best Plant Gifts for this Valentine’s Day

Hoya Heart

A plant that says how you feel (without having to say a word). Also known as the “lucky heart” because it’s thought to keep you lucky in love, this succulent brings feel-good warmth to any space. So, if you’re a sucker for easy-care plants, this one’s for you. Plant Perk: Succulents are drought-resistant, pulling moisture from around them so that all it takes is a simple spritz to keep them thriving. (They’re great for people who travel often.)


Looking for a simple way to spread kindness, beauty and joy? Look no further than our Blue Phalaenopsis orchid! Gift one to a galentine or (treat yourself!).  Plant Perk: Orchids make great bedroom plants. They naturally absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air for a more restful night’s sleep.

Pink Rose Plant

Just like your Valentine, this one’s a keeper. Our pink rose plant arrives ready to bloom. Send as a gift…or add a bright pop of color to your own space.

Red Anthurium

Who wouldn’t *heart* this showy, exotic plant? With its red, heart-shaped flowers and bright, glossy leaves, anthuriums will bloom all year round with the right TLC! Plant Perk: Freshly cut, its flowers can last 14-28 days in a vase, and make a perfect hostess gift!

Sweetheart Bamboo

Lucky in love? Then this bamboo’s the one. Known for bringing good fortune, our fresh bamboo stalks are shaped into hearts—single, double or triple—and designed in a stone-filled cube planter. Requiring little TLC on your end, it may just be the easiest relationships you’ll ever have.

Bromeliad Antonio

Our tropical Bromeliad brings the brightness! Like your own at-home oasis, this rainforest native’s lush, long green leaves and long-lasting blooms in vibrant pink are an absolute dream. Arriving in a sleek white ceramic planter, it’s sure to make an impact in any room.

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, our exquisite Valentine’s plants make the perfect gift for that special someone. From sweetheart bamboo plants to classic rose plants and charming Valentine’s Day succulents, these living treasures convey love and lasting affection. While fresh cut flowers are undeniably beautiful, consider the longevity of a houseplant—a gift that will thrive for years, just like your bond with your loved one. 🌱🌹💖🎁