10 Easy Office Desk Plants


Whether you’ve got a work schedule that keeps you running around or one that ties you to your not-so-bright desk, there’s one thing we can all agree on: plants perk up your office space and productivity! Not only do they add color and style to your desk, but they also create a mood-lifting energy in your everyday environment by increasing humidity and minimizing toxins in the air. Pick from the 10 easy-care office plants on our list and spend your workday with some new green friends.

P.S. We’ve organized between low light and bright light-loving plants to help fit your desk environment, too!

Monstera plants look great in almost any space
Monstera plants look great in almost any space


Lucky Bamboo

Despite its name, this isn’t a real bamboo plant. It’s actually more closely related to the corn plant…just cooler looking with fun growth patterns! This is perfect for desks with little to no light and can even live in just water (like a vase of flowers).

Lucky Bamboo available on
Lucky Bamboo available on


This flowering plant is the best kind to give when showing gratitude for someone. Not only is it a beautiful bloom that lasts longer than a bouquet, but it is also pretty easy to water: just add an ice cube from the freezer to it once a week!

White orchids always bring a classy touch to any space
White orchids always bring a classy touch to any space

Snake Plant

The snake plant is popular today not just because of its patterned upright leaves, but also because it’s an easy-to-care-for plant. It survives in low light and drought-like environments letting you live your busy life (and forgiving you when you forget to water it sometimes!).

Snake Plants are an office favorite!
Snake Plants are an office favorite!

Parlor Palm

If you’re one of those people with a low PTO balance due to warm weather climate escapes, the parlor palm is the plant for you! This low-light tolerant frond is perfect for creating a lasting indoor paradise and for holding you over until your next trip.

Parlor Palm from
Parlor Palm

ZZ Plant

This waxy-leaf green actually thrives in bright light environments but it can also survive low light spaces too! It’s also hardy enough like a cactus so don’t stress about watering it all the time…you’ve got enough meetings to juggle.

ZZ plants make great desk toppers and can grow to larger, floor-plant size
ZZ plants make great desk toppers and can grow to larger, floor-plant size


Echeveria Succulent

Succulents live their best lives indoors with good light – at least 6 hours a day! Bonus: you don’t have to worry about watering them often, just water them well when you do. Soak the soil and make sure it drains and dries out for several days.

Easy to care for and will thrive in pretty much any office
Easy to care for and will thrive in pretty much any office


Just like succulents, bonsai plants will thrive inside as long as they’re in a sunny spot. These trees cultivate a sense of beauty and calm which is always welcome for busy offices.

Bonsai is an easy care favorite. Different varieties available on

Pilea Plant

Bring in good money vibes with the pilea plant aka the coin plant! This little guy is perfect for desks with lots of sunshine and small real estate. Plus, its perky stems add just the right amount of happiness to your day.

Two pilea plants in mismatching pots look great

Air Plant

The air plant, or tillandsia, is the least-distracting coworker to have hanging around your desk. It doesn’t need a lot to keep it happy (it doesn’t even need soil!) and will look like a living piece of art in any bright spot you put it in. 

Air plants can also be mixed and matched to make cool, earthy wall art


If you’re looking for something cool, sized just right, and easy to care for – a prickly office cactus hits all the marks. Plus, it’s hearty enough to survive bouts of watering neglect (because let’s face it, those meetings are endless!)

Throw a cactus on your desk for an easy green addition!



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