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Talking to Plants (Everybody’s Doing It!)

As we all know from experience that communication is a key to building better relationships. There are dog owners, cat owners and even snake enthusiasts, and the one thing they all have in common: they talk to their pets. This creates stronger bonds and helps with living longer and healthier. (Check out our article on fave pet friendly plants!)

So, what does that mean for plant parents? If you aren’t already doing it…start talking to your plant babies! According to Michael Pollan’s article “The Intelligent Plant”,  plants have more sensory capabilities than we humans do with our 5 senses. These senses can be stimulated by the plant’s environment, just like a baby in a mother’s belly is stimulated by the sounds of her voice or the music she listens to. By providing an energizing environment through conversation, you’ll encourage the growth of your plants, as well as encourage your own bond with them.

Talking to your plants might feel a little strange at first, but over time, and with practice, you’ll be chatting with your green friends probably more than your mother. Just kidding. (Hi mom!)

Here are some tips to get started:

Daily Observation Is Key 

Just like listening is the key to a good conversation, so is observation. Start out on your plant whisperer path by taking note of the plant’s colors, shape, size and texture. Check out its soil too and see how everything might change, subtly or noticeably, each day.

Make Small Talk

Starting up a conversation is always hard but knowing a plant won’t judge you in response might help! If you still don’t know what to say, try greeting it at least once a day (i.e. ‘good morning!’ or ‘how you doin’?) until you feel comfortable opening up a little more, beyond the one-liners.

Touching Is Allowed

Another thing that helps with plant communication is touch. You may or may not be a full-on gardener, but touching or working with a plant’s petals, seeds, leaves or soil while repotting or watering will help create a connection beyond chit chat!

The Power of Positivity

If you’re still having trouble trying to find some words to share with your plants, choose gratitude and other positive thoughts. After all, they are the ones helping purify your apartment air and give you something nice to look at (and talk about)! Giving thanks not only sends a good message but creates an environment for plants to thrive in.




  • Katherine Archer

    I have a hallway that leads to my bathroom there’s no lighting I would like to put a plant on the floor or table but would need absolutely NO LIGHT. Please hello

    • Benjamin

      Hi Katherine, although all plants need some sunlight once in a while, our collection of low-light plants can be the solution for brightening up your hallway. A pretty straightforward suggestion would be the Snake Plant, which can survive in plenty of low-light settings and requires little attention. Another recommendation would be our Pothos plant, which does great in low light areas too. Just make sure you place them in some sun every once in a while, especially if you notice leaves dropping or yellowing. For more recommendations, check out our collection:

  • Linda Schlicher

    I have 19 plants in my living room..all green…all low to medium light and they will not go dormant. And continue to make new growth in in the winter. I even have a calathea medallion that isn’t supposed to bloom as a houseplant but it did for a solid week. I talk to my plants and mist them every day. And all of them have names. I tend to walk around and touch them a lot too. But I am beginning to think they are doing so well because they are all in my living room where I do my praying. t seems like every time I turn around there’s a new leaf,frond,tendril or whatever. Oh and I never use fertilizer. I think the plants feel and understand me. I consider them my green people, part of my family.

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