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How to Grow Plants Sustainably with Coconut Coir Soil

At we are committed to sustainability that’s why we use coconut coir soil in many of our houseplants! Rather than using peat moss, a non-renewable resource we use coconut coir. Peat bogs form over hundreds of years. Coconut coir is made from coconuts and is a byproduct of the coconut industry. Coconut coir comes from parts of the coconut that are often wasted. We take these parts and create an all-natural medium that promotes sustainability. Coconut coir is guaranteed to help your plant grow to their full potential and helps the Earth.

What is Coconut Coir Soil?

Coconut coir mimics the properties of peat moss with extra sustainability. It is rinsed, cleaned, dehydrated, and compressed to produce its fantastic medium. Coconut coir is water resistant as well as resistant to damage from salt water. The natural fiber product helps cut down waste produced by the coconut.  

How is Coconut Coir Made?

Coconut husks are soaked in fresh or saltwater to soften. After the husks are softened, the coir is removed from the husks and laid out to dry. Coconuts go through the retting process, a curing method that naturally decomposes the husk’s pulp. Coconut fiber is removed from the shells by steel combs, in a process known as debriefing. Once the fiber is gathered from the husk, it is then dried, pressed into bricks, discs, coir pots, or bagged as loose mulch. Once the coir is dried, it is ready to use. The longer the coir is left to dry, the better quality the final product is. The coir is formed into bales and processed into various formats for use.  

What are the Benefits of Coconut Coir?

Quick harvests and big yields- coco gives excellent results when used for drain-to-waste growing. 

Coconut coir offers plenty of room for the root system- offers a rare combination of excellent water retention, reliable drainage and ideal aeration. It gives the roots plenty of room, allowing for optimum air exposure. It has a PH- neutral value- range of 5.2-6.8. The waste eliminating product minimizes harmful pathogens and reduces the risk of pests. This medium boasts antifungal properties, keeping the roots happy. The medium repels some pests, making your grow easier to maintain. Coconut coir is an  environmentally conscious product. A coconut tree produces 150 coconuts annually. Coco coir uses parts of the fruit that used to go to waste. Reusable medium- coco coir can be reused. Its durable, but you need to make sure you prep it correctly for the best growth cycle to guarantee a hearty crop.  

Why Does Use Coconut Coir? is committed to the earth and all the beautiful plants and green spaces it produces. That’s why we prefer to use coconut coir in our house plants. This medium comes from a part of the coconut that is commonly wasted. To promote sustainability, we use this often-wasteful product and turn it into the perfect medium for our products. The medium keeps the roots happy, making your grow easier to maintain and enjoy. Coconut coir is a reusable medium, limiting even less waste. This product is eco-friendly and preferred by your plants.   

Our ZZ Plants flourish with Coconut Coir soil!
Our ZZ Plants flourish with Coconut Coir soil!

Which Products Use Coconut Coir Soil?

Coconut coir is used in many of our house plants! 

Majesty Palm Floor Plant

Mass Cane Plant

Peace Lily Plant

ZZ Floor Plant

Snake Plant  




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