DIY: Wine Cork Succulent Ornaments

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Flex your creative muscle and adorn your Christmas tree this year with these cute DIY succulent wine cork ornaments that also function as planters, made out of re-purposed household items.

Ornaments can be expensive and if you’re tired of using the same old ornaments to decorate your tree every year, then try creating your own using a cutting from our Birch Succulent Garden by following these easy steps.


Birch Succulent Garden


Craft knife

Hanging Wire

Scissors or pruning shears

Glue gun

Potting soil


Using a fine-edged knife or craft knife, carve the cork. Carefully position the tip on the center of the cork and turn the knife in a circular motion. Carve the cork out and stop about ¾. Smooth out the inside to make sure there are no ledges and sufficient space for soil.

STEP 2: Cut the hanging wire

Grab your hanging wire and cut it about 8 inches using some scissors or pliers.  The simplest way of doing this is to use the wire to wrap it around the cork. Make sure it’s wrapped tightly and then hot glue it in place to make sure it is secure.  Create a loop to hang the wine cork ornament on your Christmas tree.

Note: once the plant is planted the cork will be heavier – depending on the strength or width of the wire, you may have to wrap the cork twice.

STEP 3:   Add soil, pack it down and add water

STEP 4: Using properly sanitized and sharp scissors or pruning shears

Cut a piece of your succulent just above the leaf on the stem either from the top or off a new shoot.

Step 5: Hang your succulent on your tree

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