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our rosemary crescent rolls

Herb Infused Foodie Recipes

Gabriela Santana

Apr 26, 2021

Looking to spice up your cooking? We compiled our favorite herb infused recipes using our fresh herbs. Our foodie influencers shared with us how they create their flavorful creations.

Mozzarella, Cranberry & Raspberry Crescent Rolls with Honey Rosemary Glaze

A job well done


3 Sprigs of rosemary 

5 Tablespoons of honey 

4 Mini mozzarella cheese wheels halved 

12 Tablespoons of your favorite jam

1 Package of 8 count Crescent rolls 


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line a baking sheet with aluminum foil. Spray with cooking oil.
  2. Finely chop rosemary sprigs and combine with honey mixing evenly to make the glaze.
  3. Cut each of your mini mozzarella cheese wheels in half leaving you with 8 pieces.
  4. Open the container of crescent rolls and separate each individual triangle.
  5. Spread about 1 1/2 tablespoons of your favorite jam on the top portion of the crescent roll and place your halved piece of cheese on top of the jam.
  6. Roll crescent roll closed to seal.
  7. Brush on your honey rosemary glaze on top of sealed crescent roll.
  8. Place on an oiled and foil lined baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 13 minutes.

Rosemary Seasoned Steak

Creative Project


3 tbsp Canola oil 

18 oz prime ribeye



3 cloves of garlic 

2 tbsp of unsalted butter 

2 sprigs of rosemary 


1. Let steak rest at room temperature

2. Pat dry steak with paper towel and season with salt and pepper

4. Preheat cast iron skillet

5. Sear one side of steak until crust forms then flip it over

7. Finish off with cloves of garlic, butter, and rosemary

8. Render off fat

9. Let steak rest then serve

Rosemary & Oregano Shrimp with Grits 

With kindness

Ingredients:  17.6 ounces of polenta

1 cup of water 

1 cup of milk

1/2 cup of shredded parmesan Cheese

4 fresh rosemary sprigs

2 teaspoon spoons of fresh oregano

3 gloves of garlic

salt and pepper for taste

2 tablespoons of butter


  1. Infuse the rosemary and oregano into milk
  2. Add polenta into a small pot then add the milk and water
  3. Add shredded parmesan 
  4. Rinse the shrimp and heat a pan with butter
  5. Add garlic, rosemary, and oregano then shrimp
  6. Cook shrimp until pink. Flip to make sure both sides are cooked
  7. Baste the shrimp with the butter using a spoon
  8. Add salt and freshly ground pepper
  9. Scoop grits into a bowl and top it with shrimp
  10. Add in a few more rosemary sprigs for extra fragrance.
  11. Add a sunny side egg on top for an extra boost of deliciousness!

Larb Moo

With kindness

Ingredients:  1 tbsp jasmine rice

1 pound ground pork 

1 tbsp chili flakes

1 tbsp sugar

1 tbsp fish sauce

1 lime

1-2 chopped shallots

5-6 mint leaves

4-5 Lettuce leaves

1 cup of rice


  1. Toast 1 tbsp of uncooked jasmine rice over medium-low heat until golden brown and crush into a powder
  2. Fry ground pork over medium heat until cooked, then remove from heat
  3. Add chili flakes, the toasted rice powder, sugar, fish sauce, lime juice, and chopped shallots
  4. Add fresh mint leaves for taste
  5. Serve with lettuce wraps and rice of choice