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Four Reasons Why Plants Make Great Gifts

Gabriela Santana

Jul 20, 2021

Friendship Day is on July 30th and what better way to show your appreciation for your friends than a gift straight from the heart. Friends help us celebrate good times and provide us support during tough times. In fact, research suggests that friendships can help us find purpose and meaning, stay healthy, and live longer. We are celebrating National Friendship Day with a BOGO 50% Off Plants Sale from all plants in our Friendship Day Collection from 7/28 to 8/7! Gift a plant to the friend that is always there for you. Here is a short list of why plants can make the perfect gift a friend could buy.

Heart Felt
Gift your friend something fresh this year!


Plants are universal. At Plants.com our collection contains plants fit for every type of aesthetic. Whether it be a proper office or a vibrant tropical room, plants will fit seamlessly in. From the staple ZZ Plant to the visually bold Snake Plant, the color green always has a place in your space.

Heart Felt
A cozy ZZ plant in our Domain planter

Air Purifying

In 1989 a NASA study found that houseplants contain air purifying qualities. In order to get the cleanest quality air, it is recommended to have two plants per 100 square feet. Keep your rooms fresh with leafy plants such as the Kokedama and the Snake plant.

Practice makes perfect
Keep your room fresh with a hanging Kokedama

Motivation Booster

Plants can boost your motivation in multiple ways. Many plants can bring positive energy into your home with their positive aesthetics and air purifying capabilities. Additionally, the daily maintenance and connection with your houseplants gives you another reason to get up in the morning. Raising beautiful houseplants shares the experience with raising a pet but with significantly less work, especially with our low care plants like the Snake and Dieffenbachia plants.

Creative Project
A beautiful Snake Plant (Sansevieria) in our domain planter.

Great For Every Type of Person

As there are many types of people, there are equally many types of plants. For the busy and time constrained our site has a wide selection of low care plants that can handle weeks of neglect but can still look vibrant. The office folk and the green thumbs can equally enjoy a plant suited to their environment and needs.

Who wouldnt love this?
The Lula's Garden Succulents are perfect for any person!