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  • Three propagating vessels, available in three sizes:
    • Large 32 oz.; measures 7.5"H x 3.5"D
    • Medium 11 oz.; measures 5.75"H x 2.25"D
    • Small 5 oz.; measures 3.5"H x 2"D
  • Designed exclusively for, in collaboration with Potting Shed Creations 
  • Made in the USA


Follow these simple steps to propagate some of your favorite foliage plants:

  • Step 1: Find a mature stem on your plant that has a few leaves or vine junctures
  • Step 2: Locate the node (a node is the section of the plant where the leaf meets the stem) 
  • Step 3: Use clean shears/scissors to make a cut or two just below the node. This is where new roots will come from. Make sure to remove any leaves that are too close to the node or that might end up submerged under water when you place it into the vessel.
  • Step 4: To encourage rooting, place your plant cutting(s) into your propagation vessel and set it up in a spot that receives bright or moderate indirect light.
  • Step 5: Patience is key! Make sure to check your cuttings every few days to see if new root growth has occurred. Add fresh room temperature water when needed or replace it if the water looks murky.
  • Step 6: When your plant has roots that are 2" long, they are ready to be transplanted into a pot with potting mix!

Our plants are packaged with care and delivered from our greenhouse to your door.

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