Lavender Blooming Plant
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Lavender Blooming Plant

Lavender Blooming Plant

  • Full sun to bright, indirect light is best

  • Soil should be slightly moist; let pots become dry between watering; do not let water pool at the bottom of the outer planter

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Botanical NameLavandula

Common Name: Lavender

Origin: Mediterranean

  • Lavender plant arrives budding and ready to bloom
  • Designed in a 6"H slate textured pot with copper rim
  • Available in two sizes:
    • Large measures overall approximately 12-14" H
    • Small measures overall approximately 10-12" H
  • Add our aluminum mister with copper plating that lets out a fine spray, plastic spout measures 6.8"H, one-handed use

Tending Tips:

  • USDA Hardiness Zones 8-10 if planting outside
  • Trim off old blooms to encourage new growth; if repotting, choose a well-drained container filled with a porous, quality potting mix; apply a flowering plant fertilizer as directed; with proper care, pots can be moved outdoors in spring to brighten summer containers or flower beds

Full sun to bright, indirect light is best


Soil should be slightly moist; let pots become dry between watering; do not let water pool at the bottom of the outer planter


Cooler room temperatures (60-65° F) will help flowers last longer

Plant Friendliness
Plant Friendliness

Safe for furry friends and kids

  • potted plant
  • Add On: Mister
  • Care instructions
  • Care & support tips for the lifetime of your plant
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