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Large Orchid: Blue (Save 15%)

Large Orchid: Blue (Save 15%)
Large Orchid: Blue (Save 15%)


Large Orchid: Blue (Save 15%)

All plants add serenity to a home, but an orchid of blue has an added layer of beauty and elegance. With its rich blue petals, it will inspire calming and reflective moments of peace. Plant Perk: Orchids make great bedroom plants. They naturally absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the air for a more restful night’s sleep.

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Botanical Name: Phalaenopsis amabilis

Common Name: Moth orchid

Origin: South-East Asia, the Philippines & Australia


  • Graceful stem of blooms is attached to a green support stake
  • In a white, simple-gloss ceramic planter
  • Measures overall approximately 20-30”H x 5” D
  • Double stem features 12+ blooms
  • Single stem features 6+ blooms
  • Care Instructions:

  • Lighting: A north or east facing window is perfect. Direct sun can cause sunburn
  • Watering: Out of cubes? 1/4 cup of water once a week will do
  • Tending Tip: This plant will stay in bloom for up to 2-3 months. But dont worry when the flowers fall off - its just storing up energy for its next spotlight moment

    What's Included:

  • Plant w/ Support Stake
  • Ceramic Planter
  • Care Instructions
  • Lifetime Care & Support
  • 30-Day Guarantee

    Shipping & Delivery Information:

    Our plants are packaged with care and delivered from our greenhouse to your door.

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  • water

    Soft indirect sunlight (Fun fact: they grow naturally in shady trees!)


    Requires just 3 ice cubes a week


    65-85°F; do not place near chilly drafts or expose to temps below 55°F

    Pet Friendly

    Safe for furry friends


    Our plants are packaged with care and delivered from our greenhouse to your door.

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