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White Lilies

White Lily Bouquets:

White lilies are one of the most popular and beautiful flowers available at and from $35 delivered, a white lily flower bouquet is an obvious choice for any gift.

 The white lily plant is as flexible as it is lovely and can be sent for a variety of occasions. The meaning of white lilies has historically been chastity and virtue and was the symbol of the Virgin Mary, but they can also mean hope, faith, renewal and promise. Small white lilies are nice congratulatory gifts. The sleek lines of large white lilies are perfect for sending a bolder message, and white lilies also make tasteful funeral presentations. Pink or red lilies can be combined with white for a more joyous occasion such as a wedding where white lilies shine. There are several types of white lilies, such as Asiatic lilies, Peruvian Calla Lilies, and Star Gazer Lilies to consider, as well as other lily colors such as purple, red or pink lilies.

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