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Nothing livens up a room better than organic life. Bring a breath of fresh air even indoors with our plants collection. Our plants collection are perfect indoor room decor along with creating a serene setting. Plants are perfect for all gifting occasions from housewarmings to birthdays!


Picking Plants to Fit Places and Personalities

Although they make great gifts and decorative elements, it's not enough to simply buy plants with wild abandon. Different species are significant because they evoke unique emotional responses and bear their own aesthetic appeal. Those who order plants online should focus on selecting varieties that they or their recipients will truly enjoy.

Matching Garden Plants to People So how does one choose the perfect plant for a specific individual? The easiest way to pick something that fits a given recipient is to think about the environment they build around themselves. For instance, someone whose home includes a lot of nautically-inspired interior decor may have greater appreciation for aquatic species or long, unadorned greenery that evokes dune grass.

Flowering plants, on the other hand, might make a bigger impression on people who don't already have a lot of flora nearby. Although the beauty of these colorful plants may be lost within populated gardens, they can bring a splash of vibrancy to areas with sparse vegetation such as those found in some urban zones.

Finding Unique Meaning Many people who buy plants online make the mistake of buying into all of the hype about botanical symbolism. While it's true that some plants are associated with specific occasions and ideas, these meanings are entirely human endowed. Green plants don't care about highbrow concepts like interpretation; they simply exist as they are, and this is the key to using them harmoniously.

Choose and arrange plants based on their simplest characteristics. Consider colors, shapes, sizes, scents and even tactile factors like texture to come up with something that doesn't clash with existing gardens and scenery. When trying to imbue an occasion with specific symbolism, use diverse species to create a colorful arrangement or environmentally appropriate statement. This goes a lot farther than simply presenting someone with a monotone arrangement that tries to make up for composition with volume.

Paying Attention to Setting Finally, remember that the plants for sale online are especially suited to specific locales and climates. It's impossible to control every aspect of an outdoor garden arrangement, but picking species that thrive and bloom on non-competing cycles can really help create a more balanced garden overall.

Learn more about breaking the conventional mold by visiting us online at 1800flowers. Check out the options to get a feel for how plants and flowers can transform landscapes and interiors until they match the people who love them.

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